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A Luxury Tarot Retreat

Hotel Room

Experience the ultimate transformation with Audie Rose and Admire Curves,

a match made in paradise!

Partnering with Jet Set Black Travel agency, we invite you on a journey of self-discovery and self-care in picturesque Virginia Beach.


Start your day with a meditation session at Admire Curves, followed by insightful tarot readings by Audie Rose. Rest in luxury at the Westin Virginia Beach Town Center and savor the coastal flavors at the local restaurants.


Welcome to
Virginia Beach

The city is home to numerous holistic wellness centers and practitioners, offering a wide array of alternative healing therapies and practices for relaxation, rejuvenation, and personal growth.

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Our aim is to create a luxury tarot experience where you can embrace the rejuvenating amenities of the spa, revel in the comfort of the rooms, and savor the exquisite culinary delights offered at the restaurant venues.

The Westin Virginia Beach Town Center

Relax and unwind in our spacious suites at the Westin Virginia Beach Town Center hotel, each with separate living, dining, and work areas.

The hotel offers a range of upscale accommodations, including guest rooms and suites. Many of these rooms are elegantly designed and provide beautiful views of the city.

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This 5-day itinerary harmoniously combines self-care, self-discovery, and moments of relaxation in the captivating backdrop of Virginia Beach. It guarantees a revitalizing and life-altering experience that you’ll hold dear. Wishing you a safe and inspiring journey of personal transformation!” 🌊🌟


Day 1: Arrival and Relaxation

•    Arrive in beautiful Virginia Beach and check-in at your luxurious accommodations at the Westin Virginia Beach Town Center.
   •    Enjoy a relaxing evening, take a leisurely stroll along the stores and boutiques, and savor the anticipation of the transformative days ahead.


Day 2: Spa Day

    •    Start your day with a rejuvenating breakfast at the hotel.
   •    Head to the mall or movies nearby to get yourself acclimated to the beautiful city of Virginia Beach.
   •    In the evening, dine at the hotel’s gourmet restaurant or explore nearby dining options.


Day 3: Body Sculpting and Tarot Insights

    •    Start your day with a rejuvenating body sculpting session at Admire Curves, guided by the expert team.
   •    After your session, experience insightful tarot readings by Audie Rose, gaining clarity and guidance for your journey.
   •    Enjoy a peaceful evening and reflect on the discoveries of the day.


Day 4: Edgar Cayce and A.R.E.

•    After breakfast, visit the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE). Explore the visitor center, library, and gardens to learn about Edgar Cayce’s life and teachings. 

•    Attend a lecture or workshop if available during your visit to deepen your understanding of Cayce’s work.   

•    Have dinner at a local restaurant of your choice in Virginia Beach.


Day 5: Culinary Delights and Farewell

•    Relish a delicious breakfast at your hotel.
   •    Enjoy your last day with a memorable lunch at Cooper Hawk, where culinary excellence meets a charming atmosphere.
   •    Take some time to reflect on your transformative journey and the insights gained.
   •    Bid farewell to Virginia Beach, carrying the newfound wisdom and self-awareness with you.

Book Now

Our emphasis lies in the exploration of one’s inner self and attuning to the guidance of the spirit. We encourage group bookings, as well as solo travelers.

Your reading will take place in a serene and opulent environment, designed to provide comfort and relaxation. Your privacy is paramount. Rest assured that all discussions and personal information remain strictly confidential


Audie Rose

Autumn has traveled and done extensive self-work with spirituality and healing for many years, which has helped the thousands of people she’s read for. Audie is also a Western Astrologer, a numerologist and a huge Destiny Cards advocate.

This knowledge is the cornerstone of her book, having written what is fast becoming recognized as a great introduction into getting to know yourself better, Initiation: Understanding You, first published in 2019.

Meet Audie Rose

My name is Autumn. I am a life coach and a spiritual technician. My goal is to help you find clarity in your situations and to help you become UNSTUCK.

Learn more here.


Shamaya Camm

Meet graduate student Shamaya Camm, owner of ‘Admire Curves’  

Admire Curves holds a deep significance to Shamaya, reflecting her unwavering commitment to celebrating diverse body types.

Through this endeavor, she seeks to inspire and empower young Black women to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys while excelling in their academic pursuits.

Located in Virginia Beach, VA, she serves as the original founder of ‘Admire Curves,’ allowing her to make a positive and influential impact on her community and beyond.

Admire Curves Meditation Package

Creating a calm atmosphere paired with dim lights and aromatherapy essential oils diffuser or a candle burning with the option of a complimentary snack and water after the session. (Silence option available)

The mediation package includes the services: 360 cavitation, a body wrap, deluxe butt enhancement paired with wood therapy, and cellulite oil plus an exclusive Admire Curves product.

Admire Curves is a non-invasive body sculpting company located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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Contact Us

Kenneth Bose

Autumn Bose

Jet Set Black Travel

5705 Lynnhaven Pkwy Suite 104 #1311 Virginia Beach, VA 23464

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