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Celebrity Cruises

Are you ready to unwind, connect, and rejuvenate aboard the newly renovated Celebrity Cruises Ship?

Gather your best associates for an all-inclusive meeting on the Celebrity Reflection. Exclusive rates are available for a relaxing Caribbean experience.

Discover the perfect venue for your company’s corporate retreat and team-building opportunities aboard a Celebrity cruise. Opting for the Celebrity Reflection ensures you’ll enjoy the latest amenities of a brand-new ship, backed by substantial renovations in 2023 totaling $500 million.


Celebrity Reflection

Imagine you and your associates on here!

Save the date, spread the word, and let's get you on the Celebrity Reflection!

It's All About Relaxation

Embark on an unforgettable cruise aboard the Celebrity Reflection. The ship features a dedicated adult-only area called “Serenity,” offering a tranquil space with comfortable loungers, hot tubs, and a peaceful atmosphere.


Welcome to


Culinary Excellence

 Celebrity Reflection boasts a variety of gourmet dining options. The diverse culinary offerings, coupled with attentive service, create a delightful and stress-free dining experience.

Many Places to Meet

There are serene lounges and reading areas throughout the ship, allowing passengers to unwind with a good book or simply enjoy a moment of tranquility.


Departing on the Celebrity Reflection allows for the perfect escape, and the cruise format eliminates the need for attendees to worry about transportation between various venues, making it a hassle-free option for a relaxing capstone.



This example itinerary of July 5th sailing combines relaxation, adventure, and exploration, making the most of the 3-night journey aboard the Celebrity Reflection.


Day 1: 

Departure from Fort Lauderdale

    •    Boarding at Fort Lauderdale
   •    Welcome and tribe gathering in designated spaces
   •    Evening departure, enjoy ship activities and dinner on board


Day 2:

Perfect Day at CocoCay

    •    Full day at Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s private island
   •    Beach day, water activities, or a tribe picnic on the island


Day 3:

Nassau, Bahamas

    •    Explore Nassau, Bahamas
   •    Enjoy solo excursions or explore together, followed by a special tribe dinner on board


Day 4:

Return to Fort Lauderdale

    •    Morning arrival in Fort Lauderdale
   •    Tribe farewell breakfast and disembarkation

With its exceptional dining, spa facilities, captivating entertainment, and luxurious accommodations, the Celebrity Reflection surpasses expectations in providing a world-class experience. 

Package starts at $582

average per person


Includes $50 OBC per couple, drinks package, wifi and gratuities

†Taxes, fees and port expenses $143.03 USD *


Wanna Meet In Here?

The meeting rooms on the Celebrity Reflection can be transformed into a banquet setting of your choice, all without any additional charges. Your enjoyment is their priority, and they simply want you to have a great time for you and your tribe.

Thermal Suite in the Spa

The ship’s spa includes a thermal suite with heated loungers and saunas, providing a soothing environment for relaxation and unwinding.


Coco Cay  and Nassau

Enjoy a cruise on the Celebrity Reflection traveling through the blue waters of the Caribbean while in the RETREAT.

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