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Embark on a journey through the heart of our love story with Our 15th Anniversary Planner Playbook. 


This intimate 33-page journal and playbook invites you to accompany on our remarkable journey, from the moment our paths crossed to the cherished memories of our wedding day. Delve into our favorite dates, explore our bucket list, and rediscover why we joyously said ‘I do.’


As we invite you to celebrate with us, let this planner serve as your compass through our love story,  from April 23rd in 2009 to the joyous culmination celebration of our enduring love on December 9th in 2024.


This planner serves as a heartfelt tribute to 15 years of shared laughter, tears, and dreams fulfilled. It transcends beyond being a mere book; it is a testament to the beautiful bond Ken and Autumn have crafted together.



Our 15th Anniversary Planner Playbook

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