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Virginia Beach


Christmas Lights

Virginia Beach


Virginia Beach offers beautiful sandy beaches and a refreshing ocean breeze, providing a relaxing escape from any city. Let's take the chance to unwind, soak up the sun, and enjoy the beach for Christmas.

Just Enough Christmas

Virginia Beach is a lively coastal city with a vibrant atmosphere. It offers a diverse range of dining options, entertainment venues, and nightlife experiences. From upscale restaurants to trendy bars, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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Welcome to
Virginia Beach

These are just a few highlights of why Virginia Beach is a great place to celebrate Christmas in Virginia Beach. Whether you're seeking relaxation, outdoor adventure, culinary delights, or cultural experiences, Virginia Beach offers a diverse range of attractions and activities for families to enjoy.


Exotic Car Rentals

There is usually no snow on the ground in Virginia Beach in December, so driving is a dream! There are several exotic car rental agencies that offer luxury and sports car rentals in Virginia Beach.  Keep in mind that availability and specific models may vary depending on the rental agency or rental options.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Virginia Beach has a rich history and offers various cultural attractions. You can visit the Chrysler Hall to watch the Hip Hop Nutcracker in Norfolk VA,  or go golfing at over 20 private and public golf courses located in Virginia Beach.

Smiling at Golf Course

Christmas in Virginia Beach

Join us in celebrating Christmas on the Beach!

Indulge in delicious seafood buffets, embrace your inner golfer, and unwind in the ultimate holiday relaxation.



5-day itinerary from December 25th through December 30th


Day 1 - Arrival & Beach Relaxation (December 25th)

    •    Arrive in Virginia Beach and check into your oceanfront resort.
   •    Begin your celebration with a relaxing day at the beach. Unpack, unwind, walk the boardwalk, while listening to the soothing sound of the waves.
   •    Evening: Enjoy a wonderful dinner at Virginia Beach's Peter Chang's Chinese restaurant.


Day 2 - Outdoor Adventure (December 26th)

    •    Morning: Embark on an exciting kayaking adventure in the tranquil Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. Explore the serene waters and spot local wildlife.
   •    Afternoon: Choose from activities like paddleboarding or hiking in the nearby First Landing State Park.
   •    Evening: Dine at Chix on the Beach restaurant while also watching car ride by for the Holiday Lights at the Beach.


Day 3 - Culinary Delights & Christmas Cheer (December 27th)

    •    Morning: Discover the vibrant Virginia Beach Pops Diner, where you can be close to the mall and sample local treats and shop for unique gifts.
   •    Evening: Either dine at one of Virginia Beach’s delicious restaurants like Cooper Hawk, indulging in a multi-course tasting menu paired with fine wines or Captain George's Seafood restaurant known for is great seafood.


Day 4 - Merry Christmas Hip Hop (December 28th)

    •    Morning: Explore the cities of Virginia Beach, Hampton, Portsmouth and Newport News where our Hip Hop Legends Pharrell, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Two Chains and many more are from.
   •    Evening: Enjoy your last night in Hampton Roads at a holiday mash-up for the whole family, The Hip Hop Nutcracker. Directed and choreographed by Jennifer Weber, this contemporary dance spectacle is a re-mixed and re-imagined version of the classic, smashing hip hop dance and Tchaikovsky’s timeless music together into a heart-stirring and inspirational holiday event. 


Day 5 - Farewell & Departure (December 29th)

    •    Morning: Savor a final morning at the hotel, gathering the gifts you are taking back with you.
   • Check out with cherished memories and warm farewells.

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Throughout your 5-day celebration in Virginia Beach, you’ll have the chance to relax, enjoy outdoor adventures, savor culinary delights, immerse yourself in hip-hop culture, and, most importantly, enjoy your last days of 2023 on this beach remembering why you deserve to be here.


Happy New Year!!

Virginia Beach is where lovers stay.

Virginia is for Lovers

Christmas Decorations

Let's Have a Merry Time

Virginia Beach is a great destination for families. It has family-friendly feels, which allow for people of all ages to enjoy the vibes at Virginia Beach.

Without the Snow

Although Virginia Beach hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year. Virginia Beach during the winter months is very soothing and relaxing place.

Sandy Beach

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