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Luxury Tarot Experience

Audie Rose


A November Retreat

November 4 - 22

An In-person retreat with Audie Rose with rolling admission for the month of November.


Join Audie Rose for a 4 day Tarot and Relaxation Retreat on the oceanfront of Virginia Beach at any of the charming and luxurious Cavalier Hotel - Embassy Suites - Hyatt - or even the Sheraton. Audie is hosting a relaxing event full of tarot readings, spa services and good food. 


The focus will be on listening to you Higher self and listening to what spirit is suggesting to you. Everyone will have the chance to get their cards read in private.


Audie has traveled and done extensive self-work with spirituality and healing for many years, which has helped the thousands of people she’s read for. Audie is also a Western Astrologer, a numerologist and a huge Destiny Cards advocate. This knowledge is the cornerstone of her book, having written what is fast becoming recognized as a great introduction into getting to know yourself better, Initiation: Understanding You, first published in 2019.


Tarot Card Deck

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Our aim is to create a luxury tarot experience where you can embrace the rejuvenating amenities of the spa, revel in the comfort of the rooms, and savor the exquisite culinary delights offered at the restaurant venues.

Luxurious Accommodations

Virginia Beach offers a wide range of luxurious hotels and resorts with top-notch amenities and services. Whether you seek oceanfront views or serene retreats, you'll find upscale accommodations to suit your preferences.

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Welcome toVirginia Beach

Virginia Beach is where LOVERS STAY! This is indeed a wonderful destination for luxury, tarot, metaphysics, and spa experiences.

Luxury Spa

Holistic Wellness Centers and Spas

Virginia Beach is a haven for holistic wellness, boasting numerous centers and practitioners that offer a wide array of alternative healing therapies and practices designed for relaxation, rejuvenation, and personal growth. One notable destination is the Edgar Cayce ARE, renowned for its holistic approach. The city also features luxurious spas providing indulgent treatments, from massages and facials to holistic therapies like Reiki.

Miles and Miles of Places to Eat Along the Coast

Virginia Beach offers a culinary journey with an array of dining options along the oceanfront. From indulgent buffets and high-end restaurants to charming eateries, there’s something to satisfy every palate. You’ll find a diverse selection of cuisines, including Mexican, Italian, and American favorites, as well as casual spots like sports bars and even a Wendy’s.

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Audie Rose

Professional Oracle & Tarot card reader, counselor & coach who will provide an uplifting, entertaining, and luxurious environment to ensure a memorable experience.


Singles Itinerary

Day 1: Upon arrival, check-in and indulge in the comfort of the luxurious hotel on the beach.


Day 2: Start your day with a delightful breakfast served at your preferred restaurant within the hotel. You'll be then driven and treated to your scheduled spa services, immersing in ultimate relaxation.


Later, experience a profound and insightful tarot reading, followed by a memorable dinner at one of the hotel’s exquisite dining venues, where you can use the $100 voucher.


Day 3: Savor your remaining time at the hotel and make the most of your stay with a late check-out, allowing you to unwind and cherish these moments.

Tarot Cards _ Crystals
Beach Beds

Group Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive and check-in at the luxurious hotel.


Day 2: Gather with your friends for a delightful brunch experience with $50 vouchers included, allowing everyone to relish a scrumptious meal at the - restaurant. Following brunch, indulge in scheduled tarot readings for unique insights and moments of reflection.


Day 3: Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast delivered to your room for a leisurely start to the day. Later, immerse yourselves in scheduled spa services, embracing relaxation and rejuvenation. In the evening, savor a memorable dinner with $100 vouchers to spend at one of the hotel’s fine dining establishments.

 Day 4: Conclude your unforgettable stay with a late check-out, offering the opportunity for one last moment of leisure before departing.

Virginia Beach is where lovers stay.

Beach Wedding Venue

Beachside Serenity

The natural beauty and tranquility of Virginia Beach provide the perfect setting for self-reflection and inner exploration. The soothing sound of the waves, soft sands, and picturesque sunsets create an idyllic ambiance for metaphysical experiences.

Thriving Towncenter

Virginia Beach boasts a thriving town center with a vibrant restaurant scene, numerous hotels, and entertainment venues such as The Funny Bone and The Apex. Enjoy a movie, or immerse yourself in the coastal atmosphere while listening to a soothing jazz band.

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Kenneth Bose

Autumn Bose

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5705 Lynnhaven Pkwy Suite 104 #1311 Virginia Beach, VA 23464

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