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The Lotte New York

Situated in the heart of Manhattan, The Lotte New York Palace offers a prime location with easy access to iconic landmarks such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center.

The hotel is housed in a historic building, showcasing exquisite architecture that seamlessly blends the charm of the past with modern luxury.

Contemporary Design

The hotel features a sophisticated blend of historic architecture with contemporary design elements, creating an atmosphere that is both timeless and modern.


The Lotte New York

The Lotte New York Palace ensures that guests can enjoy the best of both worlds – the historic charm of its architecture and the convenience of contemporary services and technology.

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Cocktail Bars

This stylish and contemporary lounge is a perfect spot for crafted cocktails and small bites. The ambiance is chic, making it an ideal place to unwind.

The hotel features sophisticated cocktail bars where skilled mixologists craft signature drinks in an upscale and stylish environment.

Fine Dining

Depending on the season or special events, the dining options may feature specialty menus, highlighting the culinary expertise of the hotel’s chefs.

For a private and personalized dining experience, the hotel provides in-room dining services. Enjoy gourmet meals in the comfort of your own accommodation.

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The entrance to The Lotte New York Palace is a grand spectacle that befits its status as a luxury landmark. As you approach, you’ll be greeted by an iconic and majestic facade, framed by the historic courtyard and elegant landscaping. The porte-cochère, with its timeless design, sets the tone for the opulence that awaits within. Valet services add a touch of convenience, and the attentive staff ensures a seamless and welcoming arrival, making every guest feel like a VIP from the moment they step through the entrance. It’s a captivating introduction to the unmatched luxury that defines The Lotte New York Palace experience.



Here’s a suggested 5-day luxury getaway itinerary for two at The Lotte New York Palace


Day 1: Arrival and Evening Indulgence

    •    Afternoon: Check into your luxurious accommodation and freshen up.
   •    Evening: Enjoy a welcome dinner at Villard Restaurant, savoring modern American cuisine in the elegant and historic setting.


Day 2: Explore and Relax

    •    Morning: Have a leisurely breakfast at Pomme Palais before exploring nearby attractions like St. Patrick’s Cathedral or Rockefeller Center.
   •    Afternoon: Return to the hotel for lunch at Trouble’s Trust, followed by relaxation in the courtyard or a spa treatment.
   •    Evening: Experience a romantic dinner at one of the hotel’s cocktail bars, indulging in crafted drinks and appetizers.


Day 3: Cultural Excursion

    •    Morning: Begin your day with room service for breakfast in the comfort of your suite.
   •    Late Morning: Visit a local museum or art gallery to immerse yourselves in New York’s cultural scene.
   •    Afternoon: Lunch at a trendy nearby restaurant, exploring the city’s diverse culinary offerings.
   •    Evening: Attend a live performance or Broadway show for a memorable cultural experience.


Day 4: Shopping and Fine Dining

    •    Morning: Enjoy a late breakfast at Villard Restaurant or Pomme Palais.
   •    Late Morning: Spend the day shopping along Fifth Avenue, exploring luxury boutiques.
   •    Afternoon: Have lunch at a fashionable restaurant in the vicinity.
   •    Evening: Return to the hotel for a sophisticated dinner at Villard Restaurant, savoring the chef’s signature creations.


Day 5: Relaxation and Farewell

    •    Morning: Take advantage of in-room dining for a relaxed breakfast.
   •    Late Morning: Pamper yourselves with a couple’s spa treatment or enjoy the hotel’s wellness facilities.
   •    Afternoon: Leisurely lunch at the courtyard or Trouble’s Trust, followed by some downtime.
   •    Evening: For your farewell, have a private dining experience in your suite or enjoy a romantic dinner at a rooftop restaurant with stunning city views.

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This 5-day itinerary aims to combine the luxury of The Lotte New York Palace with the vibrant experiences that the city has to offer for loving couples to create lasting memories in the city setting.

Every 3rd Night Free

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Exquisite Accomodations

The hotel’s Royal Suite is a pinnacle of luxury, offering spacious living areas, a private dining room, and stunning city views.

Experience lavish rooms and suites adorned with upscale furnishings, plush bedding, and elegant decor, providing a comfortable and luxurious retreat.

Exclusive Amenities

  • Full Breakfast for two daily available in Villard Restaurant, Pomme Palais Bakery or via In-Room Dining (up to $100 credit per room per day inclusive of taxes & gratuity)

  • $100 Hotel Credit per room, per stay, (excludes parking, gift shop, Cedric Salon, not applicable towards room rate, taxes & gratuity and no refund if not used)

  • Complimentary WiFi

  • Welcome Card

The following amenities are subject to availability at check-in/departure:

  • Upgrade

  • Early Check-In

  • Late Check-Out

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